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Τετάρτη, Δεκεμβρίου 28

» Web Design Tips

24 ways
to impress your friends

Have Your DOM and Script It Too, Edit-in-Place with Ajax, Debugging CSS with the DOM Inspector, Swooshy Curly Quotes Without Images, Naughty or Nice? CSS Background Images, Tables with Style, Introducing UDASSS!, Avoiding CSS Hacks for Internet Explorer, "Z's not dead baby, Z's not dead", Splintered Striper, Broader Border Corners, Transitional vs. Strict Markup, Introduction to Scriptaculous Effects, The Attribute Selector for Fun and (no ad) Profit, Auto-Selecting Navigation, Putting the World into "World Wide Web", Centered Tabs with CSS, Don't be eval(), Practical Microformats with hCard, DOM Scripting Your Way to Better Blockquotes, CSS Layout Starting Points, Improving Form Accessibility with DOM Scripting, An Explanation of Ems, Easy Ajax with Prototype.
By Nassos K. @ 12/28/2005 07:24:00 μ.μ.

47 σχόλια

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