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Τρίτη, Ιουνίου 21

» Mini Brain Bytes

Design is communication. Per se, it attempts to make sense of the world surrounding us, its evolving nature and linking recipient to literally thousands of ideas, new and old.

Design is not a cool suit over a rotten idea. Design genuinely should provoke going forward and opening us to thinking hard or more.
Thinking equals survival. Don't think - then somebody will think it out for you... and make the decisions as well.

"Good design goes to heaven, bad design goes everywhere!"

What is the utmost value of this special space whereas geographical, cultural, temporal boundaries have dissolved and opened a brand new world of discoveries... of people to meet... of ways of learning and excelling in your trade... of increased awareness of what is really going on the www?

Stand tall above the pressures to conform. Speak up about pressing and real issues. It's time to validate what is the design in our communication. It's time to find out how to design effectively. Not from a technical / skill point of view, but from one that portrays how we wish the world to become.

Can you tell? I LUVdesign. Design is the signpost of my efforts to interpret life. Life is precious. Design is one of the ways my life shows its purpose.

Have you had an IDEA lately?

από το netdiver

Everyone is a designer (Manifest for the design economy) by Mieke Gerritzen, now in Third edition / 2001

By Nassos K. @ 6/21/2005 08:27:00 μ.μ.