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Παρασκευή, Απριλίου 1

» Οταν λες σ' αγαπώ...

...τι άλλο υπάρχει,

μετά απ' αυτό,

που μπορείς να συζητήσεις;


O fortuna
Velut luna

Turn around and smell what you don?t see
Close your eyes ... it is so clear
Here?s the mirror, behind there is a screen
On both ways you can get in

Don?t think twice before you listen to your heart
Follow the trace for a new start

What you need and everything you?ll feel
Is just a question of the deal
In the eye of storm you?ll see a lonely dove
The experience of survival is the key
To the gravity of love

O fortuna
Velut luna

The path of excess leads to
The tower of wisdom

Try to think about it ...
That?s the chance to live your life and discover
What it is, what?s the gravity of love

O fortuna
Velut luna

Look around just people, can you hear their voice
Find the one who?ll guide you to the limits of your choice

But if you?re in the eye of storm
Just think of the lonely dove
The experience of survival is the key
To the gravity of love.

O fortuna
Velut luna

By Nassos K. @ 4/01/2005 01:00:00 μ.μ.

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