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Πέμπτη, Ιουνίου 9

» Αλλάζοντας τον κόσμο βήμα-βήμα

Οταν στο Αμέρικα προσπαθούν να μετατραπούν σε riflemen, στο Λονδίνο ετοιμάζουν το Walk for Life 2005. Ωραία προσπάθεια.

Να τι μπορούν να κάνουν μερικά χρήματα που θα ξεκλέψεις από ενα πιτόγυρο ή ποτό στην παραλία.
£5 - Could provide an hour’s training for a volunteer outreach worker.
£15 - Could cover the salary of a cr?che worker in a unit set up to support single parents living with HIV and requiring time out to attend hospital appointments.
£30 - Could pay for a warm home and a hot meal for six weeks for someone in poverty and in dire need of our help.
£45 - Could give an HIV positive mother bottles and sterilising equipment for formula feeding, so she can protect her baby from the virus in her breast milk.
£75 - Could pay for pre and post-test counselling, an HIV test, all follow up work, and advice for a young man or woman who may otherwise not get tested.
£100 - Could keep a support centre open for another 2 hours in the evening, enabling people at work to access counselling services, and fund a session of specialist counselling for a person suffering mental health problems as a result of HIV.

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