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Πέμπτη, Ιουνίου 2

» Ευκολο PDF Prototyping

O Dave Rogers μας δείχνει στο gotomedia.com πως χρησιμοποιεί το Adobe Acrobat σαν Prototyping Tool:

"I love paper prototyping and find it particularly effective in the early stages of development with low-fidelity models. But I’m not here to talk about paper prototypes. Snyder’s book (and the Nielsen Norman Group’s helpful DVD) gives you everything you need.

For higher fidelity models, I’m more interested in digital prototypes?those that look and "work" much like the finished site or application. Unfortunately, these draw the most fervent objections because of the perceived need to dedicate scarce resources to build the prototype in HTML, VB, Dreamweaver or other tool."

The User Advocate: Interactive Prototyping - Part 1: Easy PDF Prototyping
The User Advocate: Interactive Prototyping - Part 2: Building a PDF Prototype

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