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Πέμπτη, Μαρτίου 17

» The doors.

Δοκιμάστε να το τερματίσετε.

R0: Go to the cabinet the radio's on. Open the third drawer. Grab the card. Left to there is a heater between two doors. Grab the cube piece. Turn right again and you're facing the picture. On the floor is a paper. Grab it. Now turn back to where you got the cube piece and enter the door on the right.

R1: Go to the coat. Lift the sleeve. Grab the paper out of the pocket. Turn left and check the heater. Grab the cube piece. Turn left twice and lift the couch cushion closest to the left. Grab the card. Turn left and go to the phone. Grab the cube piece. Go left once more and check the fireplace. Grab the final cube piece. Now you have a complete cube. Go left once and drag the cube from your inventory to the shelf next to the door. It will sink and open the next room.

R2: Open the bottom file drawer and grab the medical file. Check under the desk and grab the paper. Turn right and click the fat, purple book on the second shelf. Grab the card. Turn left twice and check the lamp. Grab the card. Turn left and go to the clock. The medical file says the man arrived at 6:00. Drag the big hand to the six on the clock. A cube drops to the base of the clock. Now turn right and, like before, drag the cube to the shelf by the door. It will sink and open the door.

R3: Turn left twice and grab the photograph off the floor. Examine it. It's the painting in R0. Below is written S-C-A-P-E. Looking at a phone keypad, you'll see those letters translate to 7-2-2-7-3. Go back to R0 by clicking the door right in front of where you found the photograph. Enter the combination and the safe behind the picture will open. Grab the cube and go back to R3. Everything's now on the ground as it should be. Check the pillow on the bed for a card. Click the open nightstand for a piece of paper. Now go to the double-door cabinet and check under it. Drag the cube you got in the safe in place there and then click the cabinet to move into R4.

R4: Click the white shelves for a card. Move right twice and close the open pantry doors. Check the shelves next to it for the open box. Now examine the open box. As you see, there's numbers from 0-5. And, lo and behold, there's five rooms in the game (we can't get into the fifth yet). What's needed are the 5 room cards, which we have. But we need to know which card goes to which room. If you compare the symbols on the doors that you enter to get into each room, you'll figure it out. But if you want the speedy answer: The card in the R0 inventory is for room 3, the card in R1 is for room 4, the 1st card in the R2 inventory is for room 0, the 2nd is for room 5, the card in the R3 inventory is for room 1, and finally the card in R4 is for room 2. Drag each card to the corresponding number on your examined open box and they will form the final cube. Place the cube in the shelf by the door and move to R5

R5: Keep moving up the steps to the door. Examine the final piece of the letter. Examine that piece in your inventory and the completed letter will form.

Enjoy the ending!

By Nassos K. @ 3/17/2005 05:56:00 μ.μ.