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Παρασκευή, Μαρτίου 18

» Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory


Japan's creation of an Information Self Defense Force is deemed a violation of international law and of their own Constitution and ignites rising tensions between Japan, China and North Korea. Facing North Korean and Chinese blockades of shipping across the Korea Strait, Japan requests US assistance in accordance with American obligations under Article 9 of the Japanese Post War Constitution.

Mounting evidence gathered by the I-SDF indicates that the devastation of the Japanese economy on the now infamous ?Black Gold Day? may have been caused by intentional Information Warfare attacks.
As nations begin to mobilize and the United States activates the USS Clarence E Walsh, the world?s premiere Electronic and Information Warfare platform and dispatches her to the region, Third Echelon gets wind of a small and seemingly unrelated incident that may end up having global repercussions?

O Sam Fisher είναι εδώ. Ερχεται η 3η συνέχεια του παιχνιδιού που με κόλλησε σε μια οθόνη. Και διαβάζοντας τα νέα χαρακτηριστικά το περιμένω πως και πως. Για τους γνώστες και fan, ρίξτε μια ματιά παρακάτω.

Είτε το ξέρετε είτε όχι επισκευτείτε το επίσημο site του παιχνιδιού. Και κάντε κλικ στο the Chaos Theory Experience. Είναι πραγματικά experience.

Game Features:

// Single-Player

Unprecedented Realism
State-of-the-art graphics and sound technology collide to produce the most breathtaking gaming experience on any console. Advanced physics modeling enables rag doll physics, particle effects, and seamlessly dynamic environments.

Staggering Replayability
Achieve primary and optional secondary objectives, and negotiate missions with multiple pathways. Strive for ultimate stealth and rank yourself with the all new post-mission statistics and scoring system.

Tomorrow's Stealth Arsenal
Inflict devastation on America's enemies with the most advanced prototype weapons and gadgets, including electronic jammers and the newly customizable SC-20K modular weapons platform. Or get up close and personal with the vicious new combat knife.

Deadly Agility
Take command of an incredibly fluid and expanded variety of stealth maneuvers including covert combat knife kills, crushing submission holds, and swift assault moves.

Hunt or Be Hunted
Take on enemies with clever AI that enables them to flank your position, take cover, and remember past events.

White-Knuckle Thrills
Unbearable, gut-wrenching moments of tension that will leave you gasping for air. A twisting storyline in a world threatened by a new brand of warfare.

Top-Notch Talent
World-class performances include:
* Michael Ironside, reprising his role as Sam Fisher.
* Driving, atmospheric soundtrack by electronica genius Amon Tobin.
* Breathtaking cinematics directed by Andy Davis (director of The Fugitive, Under Siege, and Collateral Damage).

// Multiplayer

Cooperative Stealth
Play the first-ever cooperative stealth-action game. Coordinate infiltration missions with a partner against the AI online with the PlayStation?2 Network Adapter, or split-screen. Innovative joint strategies take teamwork to the next level.

Fisher can now quickly strike from the water and pull enemies to a watery grave.

Award-Winning Versus Mode
The universally acclaimed Spies v. Mercenaries mode from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow? makes a triumphant return with all-new gadgets, cooperative moves, humiliation moves, and new multiplayer modes. Dynamic, evolving environments with elements like destructible walls and actionable triggers ensure that no two matches are ever the same.

By Nassos K. @ 3/18/2005 03:22:00 μ.μ.